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Commercial Loan

Our commercial loan facility is extended to all business operators.

Our loan allows you to acquire various business assets or capital expenditure requirements whilst controlling the effect on your cash flow.
  • Minimum $50,000.00
  • Maximum $4.5m
  • From 6 months - 60 months
  • The term of the loan will be dependent on the asset type and its economic life
Customer Contribution and Security
  • 30% contribution of the Asset's overall value plus fees
  • Existing Moveable Asset can be used as collateral
  • Loan repayments are made in arrears and will cover principal and interest fully repay the loan over the required term
Interest Rates
  • 17% internet rate is fixed for the term of the loan
  • Competitive interest rates and flexible terms offered
  • Improves company cash flow
  • Speed of approval turnaround and documentation
  • Enables financing of income producing assets to improve business profitability

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