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Financial Lease

We provide up to 100% financing for the acquisition of assets for your business requirements.

Our lease offering is essentially a rental agreement where BSP Finance owns the asset which the business leases for an agreed term and fixed rental repayment.
  • Minimum $50,000.00
  • Maximum $4.5m
  • Applicable to business customers only
  • From 6 months - 60 months
  • The term of the loan will be dependent on the asset type and its economic life
Customer Contribution and Security
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Repayments are paid monthly in advance
  • First repayment is payable at the time of drawdown
Interest Rates
  • 17% interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan
  • Competitive interest rates and flexible terms offered

  • Improves company cash flow

  • Speed of approval turnaround and documentation

  • Enables financing of income producing assets to improve business profitability


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